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From seed to burger...the incredible journey! Keeping kids fingers dirty in the schoolyard!

Project Pickle is a Backyard Cooperative partnership with the Delta School District , and Kwantlen University

One group of young farmers sticky icon

One group of young farmers

It was nice to be outside with the Pebble Hill kids after being stuck inside during the frozen weather.

Top pick sticky icon

Top pick

Peas are constantly battling carrots for the top first crop picks from the young Project Pickle Farmers.

Democracy at work! sticky icon

Democracy at work!

When we can't be outside to talk about what we want to grow we do it inside by reading seed charts which is not the easiest thing to do for the young kids. They do grasp the concept though.

Its been a little chilly around here! sticky icon

Its been a little chilly around here!

Mount Baker in Washington state looking across the bay from Tsawwassen BC home of Food Rev ambassador Mike Schneider and his #projectpickle.

Last of the Backyard Booty sticky icon

Last of the Backyard Booty

There are still a few crops growing at the school farms but I have pulled the last of my backyard peppers.

Composting sticky icon


A chilly day but these young farmers were up to the compoating challenge!

Lots going on at Gray elementary sticky icon

Lots going on at Gray elementary

50 young farmers were checking on their beds this afternoon. Timing was perfect as the downpour subsided. Each bed is under the care of 10 kids.

Sun and Tee-shirts sticky icon

Sun and Tee-shirts

I kinda miss the sun and Tee- Shirts but they will both be back soon enough.

Festive Farm Roots sticky icon

Festive Farm Roots

The Farm Roots kids have been busy! They are now offering this lovely collection of hand crafted goodies for Christmas festivities.

Tailgate parties sticky icon

Tailgate parties

We are going to try to get a few more of thgese in by the end of the year so that the kids can sample what they are going to plant. It's also a good excuse to eat some veggies!

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