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From seed to burger...the incredible journey! Keeping kids fingers dirty in the schoolyard!

Project Pickle is a Backyard Cooperative partnership with the Delta School District , and Kwantlen University

A little sprinkle sticky icon

After a warm session of cucumber planting the young farmers enjoy a hose down.


Big Salad eating day! sticky icon

Big Salad eating day!

One hundred young farmers enjoyed saome salad snack today. Thay are eating thee fruits and veggies that they are growing. Today....strawberries, carrots, pas , lettuce and cucumber. Yum!

Farmer Mike sticky icon

Farmer Mike

A rare photo of Farmer Mike....this time "Dabbing" with some of his young farmer buddies.

Keeners! sticky icon


We were thinning carrots today. Some empathy ahred for those who sacrificed theri lives for the others so that they can become strong.

Cliff Drive sticky icon

Cliff Drive

A big crew on hand on a chilly morning to get cucumber seed in to trays for the greenhouse.

Pebble Hill Pea dance sticky icon

The kids have a little excess energy after eating a bunch of peas.

Kale teeth sticky icon

Kale teeth

Green teeth

Making room sticky icon

Making room

We are making some room for our #cucumbers. Daffs out and stored until next year.

Mother Nature is starting to cooperate sticky icon

Mother Nature is starting to cooperate

A little Kale snacking going on today.

Focusing on Nutritional health sticky icon

With Food Revolution Day quickly approaching, the Project Pickle kids are

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