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From seed to burger...the incredible journey! Keeping kids fingers dirty in the schoolyard!

Project Pickle is a Backyard Cooperative partnership with the Delta School District , and Kwantlen University

Sage sticky icon


One of the schools has a gigantic sage plant that we have been diligently harvesting for a couple of years. The kids take some home for Turkey dinners at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

A fun week with the young farmers! sticky icon

Composting, Tailgate party, seeding and more. Action packed fun!

fuzzy fingers sticky icon

fuzzy fingers

Worms and dirt help make the school day a little more fun!

Back on the Farms sticky icon

Back on the Farms

Look what I found! A nice crunchy snack.

Last of the crop sticky icon

Last of the crop

Getting down to the short strokes. I am trying to keep a few on the vine for the kids to harvest thia week.

Cucumbers sticky icon


A cooler than usual start to July has allowed our cuke vines to get a good healthy start.

The last Couple of Days of school sticky icon

We had a lot of fun harvesting and eating some crop on the last couple of

Carrots sticky icon


I believe that the carrot is still the most popular veggy out there right now. Peas a close second.