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Backyard Resources

By BYCOOP admin - Posted on 17 May 2012

The following is a list of links that may help with your backyard questions:

Where do I go to get top quality seed?

A good place to start would be by visiting the online store at West Coast Seeds

How about gardening tools and supplies?

Obviously it depends on where you live if you would like to shop in person but there are plenty of online purveyors that are well known in the gardening business. Some of them are:

- Garden Works

- Burpee Home Gardens

- Lee Valley Tools


What about information on plants etc?

There are all kinds of resources out there and the following are but a few:

- Composting

- growing vegetables

- growing herbs

- growing fruit

- what is "Organic"

- soil preparation

- pruning

- More Pruning

- canning and preserving

- seed keeping

- indigenous westcoast plantings

- childrens gardening

- general backyard

- container gardening

- National Gardening Association


What about institutions, programs and government agencies?

- UBC Farm

- BC Jobs Plan and Agrifoods

- edible schoolyard teachers resources and lesson plans

- Washington State University Fact Sheets

- Institute for Sustainable Horticulture, Kwantlen Polytechnic University


Some PDF info to help Educators Learners and Backyard Gardeners are attached below:

what to plant.pdf31.4 KB
beneficial insects.pdf54.91 KB
raised_beds_and_double_digging.pdf38.87 KB
seed_starting_and_spacing.pdf48.64 KB
compost.pdf45.31 KB
container_vegetable_gardens.pdf38.74 KB
summer-planted_crops.pdf34.43 KB
herbs.pdf45.82 KB
organic_pest_control_in_the_vegetable_garden.pdf49.01 KB

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