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From seed to burger...the incredible journey! Keeping kids fingers dirty in the schoolyard!

Project Pickle is a Backyard Cooperative partnership with the Delta School District , and Kwantlen University

Happy Food Revolution Day!!!! sticky icon

It was quite the week in the Delta School District.

Unruly farmers say hi to Jamie sticky icon

Hi energy seed planters take a moment to say hi to Jamie

What did we just eat? sticky icon

Stephen does his best to remember the ingredients from our "tailgate" glad

What did we like best? sticky icon

Another great day for a #Projectpickle tailgate party.

Morning tailgating party sticky icon

Radish right out of the school farm makes for a great pre-recess snack in

A birthday snack at 9:30 in the morning! sticky icon

Some young farmers enjoy an Arugula snack first thing in the morning!

Table for Thirty please sticky icon

Not an ounce of dressing for 29 out of thirty crazy kids who eat salad bef

Salad for Recess? sticky icon

Salad for Recess?

A great salad feast this morning! Before recess even!

Cleanup sticky icon


The McCloskey kids were proud of their dirty fingers after some weeding and seeding this afternoon. Their farm is now looking way better!

Spinach sticky icon


Lots of weeding today. Also first batch of spinach found its way in to the ground.

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